OASIS Community Cleanup - Dania Heights


10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

OASIS is focused on improving the physical quality of the City’s neighborhoods and improving the quality of life of its residents and visitors. It is designed to improve specific streets with the goal of fostering neighborhood pride and improvement, and induce owners and tenants to work together to beautify the City, to increase property values, and to reduce crime. 

The event starts at SW 12th St. & SW 3rd Ave. 
The community will meet here to get the supplies and water for a hard day of community service. Students from The Franklin Academy will sing “We are the World” by Michael Jackson and perform some poetry and monologues to inspire us to generously offer our precious time for yet another OASIS Program. 

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Proud volunteers will walk the streets of Dania Heights to clean up litter and debris and plant shrubs to embellish the neighborhood.

Talented Sculptors make Trash Sculpture at City EventTRASH TO ART SCULPTURE MADE ON SITE

Laurence Panadero, professional sculptor and owner of The Velvet House in Dania Beach and Jerome Reine, sculptor / decorator,  will join their unique talents to create a 6-foot sculpture on site and turn the trash picked up by volunteers into a work of art. Artistic recycling has been generating some amazing and creative artwork made from the simplest and most abundant material on this planet: trash! 

"Thank you to the city of Dania Beach for the opportunity to play a role in an engaged community event. My process of work always starts with a subject theme that becomes a discussion. Our artist role is to silently bring reflection to the public through emotion and exposure. Environment and the way we care for it will build tomorrow. We are hoping to bring consciousness on the cost of our everyday actions and everyone's footprint repercussions. Time to Act!"  ~ Laurence Panadero

DaniaBeachOASIScleanup28.JPGThe sculpture will be built on Federal Highway, in the grassy open area on US1 just North of SW 10th Street. The American Maritime Officers Plans is graciously allowing us to use their property for the event.   The sculpture will be made entirely of the pieces of trash and debris picked up during the event by volunteers. DJ Royce will play some great music next to Trash to Treasure, The Patch (The Dania Beach Community Garden) and a number of small businesses who are joining and offering their hand in cleaning up the streets. The city will serve a light and healthy salad and fruits at lunch time for some much needed energy.  We thank our Dania Beach 7 Eleven for donating a hundred bottles of water.

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